Monday, September 30, 2013

3D KITBASH Store is now LIVE!

Very excited to announce that my new website with the 3D KitBash Store is now up and running. While I’ll keep as my portfolio site, the main goal with will be providing professional help to entertainment artists. Currently it got a Training DVDs section that leads to the Gnomon Workshop where you can get my DVDs and the 3D KitBash Store section where artists can purchase a library of reusable 3d mechanical parts that I made for the “Black Phoenix Project” so you can create your own designs. I’ll keep expanding the 3d library with new sets of reusable mech parts, mostly oriented for creating 3d concept art. But I also plan to introduce a series of production-friendly subdivision-based 3d parts for “curvy” and more organic looking shapes.

Also one of the main intentions for launching is creating a series of detailed video lessons on various 3d modeling techniques, digital sculpting and concept design. So stay tuned for more updates! 



  1. awesome man. such a great initiative

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    1. awesome ....looking forward to you upcoming stuff

  3. Thanks for making these available, as well as sharing your process! Much appreciated!

  4. Вдохновляющая работа !!! Прекрасная помощь ! Спасибо огромное !!!

  5. Congratulations on your websites! It's a good idea to maintain two websites. They seem to cater to specific audiences, and it would be quite confusing if you merged the two. I like that you drove the message home on both homepages on what they are, as the website URLs could be mistaken for the other. Other than that, you're doing quite well! I hope your websites translate into a sizable audience by now! Good luck!

    Mamie Patrick @ Focused Local Marketing