Sunday, April 26, 2015


After almost a year of "on and off" working on the new KitBash library, all 5 sets are now complete and available on WWW.VITALYBULGAROV.COM!

This Premium-Quality SUBD-based 3D KitBash Library is VFX-production friendly due to its quad-based topology mesh carefully crafted to hold up even for extreme close-up shots or high-resolution renders.
SAVE MORE THAN $65 AND BUY THE WHOLE "ULTRABORG" SUBD 3D KitBash Library that includes:
- ULTRABORG SUBD Cyber Muscles Pack
- ULTRABORG SUBD Pistons&Caps Pack
- ULTRABORG SUBD Wires&Cables Pack

Each set of 3D parts is delivered in several formats from OBJ and FBX to a "InsertMultiMesh" IMMbrush file for ZBrush allowing you to accelerate your 3D design workflow like never before. In order to optimize rendering setup the models in OBJ and FBX files are split per shader for easier materials adjustment and selection parts per material. This will come in handy whether you use Keyshot, Vray or any other rendering software. In order to optimize 3D assembling workflow the models in FBX file maintain their original Pivot coordinates.
Unlike the “raw-mech” style parts of the non-SUBD “Black Phoenix” and "Black Widow" Kits, the more organic “Ultraborg” kits will be perfect for accelerating design work for robotic characters or mechanical accessories where a more organic flow is required. An artist will also be able to take advantage of quad-based topology of the meshes by adding additional subdivisions when a higher resolution render or close-up is required.

I hope you'll enjoy using these in your awesome projects!



  1. Невероятно!!!. Ваши работы всегда очень вдохновляют. Кстати, Виталий, может Вы выскажете свое мнение по поводу "сворачивания" Softimage. Все-таки вы один из немногих художников, работающих в данной программе. Собираетесь ли вы менять "орудие труда"?

    1. Спасибо большое!
      Softimage по прежнему использую и в ближайшее время не планирую переходить на другой пакет.

    2. Виталий, приветствую
      Стоит ли переходить на версии от autodesk'a, и какой версией XSI Вы пользуетесь?

  2. this if Fantastic! Do you do 3d conceptualizing in zbrush or mudbox for your hard surface characters? or do you do straight box modeling?

  3. I have got to say your CGI rendering for 2014 RoboCop reboot is inspiring your guyses graphic design is impeccable I actually use some of your concept art for an example on a project I am working on

    GoFundMe video game project
    Open world, Fast Pace RoboCop!!, first & third person shooter..

    Please take a few seconds check it out and if you can please share it with your friends and possibly on your Facebook page,YouTube channel,twitch,Twitter, anywhere you can & thanks for your support, let's break free from the major corporations greed and self-interest and bring the power back to the players.

    Thank you for any and all donations to show my love the highest donation that donor will be a character in the game and the choice of your character being a good or a bad guy,which side will you fight for?
                         Good vs evil
                   (Avalanche games)